Shame, self-loathing, pride, judgment all rose to the surface and broken up and my spirit in this moment transformed, and rested fully in her temple. It was like releasing the top of a pressure cooker, ideas, beliefs and judgments flew out like hot steam and in another moment, there was just space and great cooked food inside. My soul rested happily in this place. For another hour on my mat I was yoga.

Nothing prepared me for this encounter. Around that point, yoga was for me 90 minutes of asanas followed by spice tea and ginger biscuits conversing about the new Deepak Chopra book or fawning over Jai Uttal’s new CD. On this fateful day, nevertheless, nudity both electrified and intensified my experience of yoga. The minute was a complete shock – naked in my own living-room, on my mat, I merged into that divine union all of US seek.
That has been the first time in three years of my yoga practice that I found what one calls yoga. I ‘d nipples for the very first time in my own practice, not merely a pressed down ‘uniboob’ in a yoga sports bra.
It was perhaps among the first times I ‘d ever existed within my body actively without judgment and had been able to observe the wonder of creation and also the simple joy of even having a body. Each freckle became a puzzle and something to rouse wonder. The experience was both transcendental and embodied, both sacred and secular.
It was the most profound practice of my life. I sprung up from savasana with purpose, transformed. I did a Google search to see who else was offering naked yoga at the time and just came across all-male classes that appeared to emphasize Tantric-practice, read lots of male-on-male action.
Frustrated that there were no choices for me to practice apart from in my living room, I tentatively put out an announcement that I would be offering a class. The result was instantaneous. Apparently, folks were having similar experiences within their own living rooms.
From there the story was written – the world proclaimed: We need naked yoga! I discovered a small naturist community which was practicing bi weekly and we combined classes. The vulnerability in the group’s opening circle was profound. In each class, we went from several strangers to a group on a pilgrimage for the sacred.
Each class was a mixed bag dotted with intentions starting from beating shame and self-judgment, to one-timers who knew they’d to try this to show they could do anything, to advanced yogis who needed to deepen their practice by including nudity to the occasional creepy man in the rear, all supported by a bunch of longtime naturists. Many men have arrived expecting to see a group of flexy brunette girls, simply to see a group made up nearly completely of men staring back at them who had the very same anticipation. Yet, most chose to stay in course anyway as they released that expectancy and uncovered a deeper part of .
I’ve received weekly the question from the mouths of men’s shame – I have seen hundreds of erections and yet in no category was it memorable to me that a guy had one. The group is not naturally erotic. While we as people are sensual/sexual beings that isn’t the focus of the class and an erection quickly learns that when the reality of the instant collides with what the mind has fabricated. Within the first ten minutes of class, every body in the room finds equanimity, the group finds wholeness and a collective journey begins.
Memorable moments from these classes comprise: a girl locating a birthmark on her body for the first time, a Hasidic Jewish man taking off all his religious clothing and getting into downward-facing dog, a mother-and-daughter couple practicing side-by-side, a Jewish and Muslim man disrobing across from each other as I observed religious tension dissipate before my eyes, a man in a chastity belt, a girl who somehow hadn’t understood ours was a naked yoga course and practiced with us anyway.
For three years, these courses were my crux of -discovery. Every time I really thought I had the nudity thing down, I would reach another degree of self-discovery in the practice. I experienced the toils of the way to honor my body and the practice while menstruating and educating at the same time.

Tour Of Up State New York NudistParks Part Deux: Bonita and Juniper Woods Naturist Resorts!

We will miss you Bonita! ]
Nudist Parks Tour – To continue the story of our Naturist Club Tour & Road Trip, our next spot was Bonita Nudist resort or better yet – fkk parkIn contrast with Shining Rest, Bonita is an extremely pastoral, relaxing area, located in the Catskills in upstate NY.
Annie, who runs and operates Bonita with her husband Jerry, toured us around through the wood and quaintly decorated RV sites. Later we set up our tent again at an enclosed woodsy area. Then we took a swim in the very clean and peaceful lake (see photos above) and passed some time with a couple folks also taking in the sun. They also have an outdoor pool (not yet opened because of the recent thunderstorms) and a hot tub situated in a gazebo outdoors.
A potluck clothing optional dinner was happening at 6 o’ clock, and though we did not have anything to bring, everyone welcomed us. I discovered the owners in addition to members at Bonita to be the most amiable people of all the places we have been to recently.
We dined in their outside pavilion with some excellent food, and later on folks gathered around their big fire pit to discuss and appreciate the summery night. (They also have an indoor naturist clubhouse.) After we turned in for the night, Jerry came up to warn us about more severe thunderstorms coming in. Viewing as their bathhouse had a tree on it from the last set of thunderstorms, I made us sit in the car for a bit. Looked like a good choice when came.
To sum up, we had an overall very positive experience at Bonita, and enjoyed the more relaxing and secluded encounter in nature. We definitely recommend Bonita fkk club as an excellent nude weekend getaway.
[UPDATE: We will miss you Bonita!]
On Monday we decided to see Juniper Woods, located on the other side of the Catskills, before heading back home to textile city. We took Rt 88, which has an irrationally low speed limit but lots of cops, so word to the wise ’cause I got speeding ticket 😦 Arriving around lunchtime, we loved some broiled food near the pool while speaking to the owners Peggy and Jim, who’s the president of AANR East.
They also serve breakfast in the morning, but not dinner. (Prices are acceptable). From what we saw, Juniper has a pleasant feeling and scenic grounds. Its facilities include a pool, hot tub / dialogue pool, large clubhouse with games and a pool table.
Near the entrance there are ponds you’ll be able to fish in. Though there are small children and families who are members, it is allowed as long as it isn’t obscene Very progressive!
So that was the end of our clothes optional miniature tour. As I was not happy about getting re dressed on a hot sunny day, Jordan suggested I drive nude and see how long I could get away by it.
Up State New York Nudist Parks Tour Part 2
Bonita Up State New York Nudist Park
This article by Felicity Jones about the up state Awesome York nudist parksby- Young Naturists And Nudists America FKK
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Getting Naked At Zipolite Mexico Bare Beach

Guest site by: Nomadic Naturist
Just a little while back, my wife J and I got to spend some time in Zipolite on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Zipolite is one of the few beaches in Mexico that endures naturists. The plage is dotted with bars, restaurants, resorts, fishermen, expat North Americans, expat Italians and happy Mexicans giggling at our dearth of shame.
Days in Zipolite immediately slipped into a meandering rhythm of skinny dipping, drinking and laughing. I spent my mornings running on the plage followed by skinny dipping and nude sunbathing. J and I rented a bungalow on the hill dominating the nude Mexiac beach.
Zipolite Mexican Nudist Nude Beach
We’d a hammock, a bed, a backyard kitchen space instead of much more, not even a door.
I spent my time at the bungalow nude, loving the sea breeze. J normally wore a sarong. There is loads to eat along the strand and in town where we found Mexican and Italian food.
Zipolite Unclothed Nudist Mexican Plage Resort
Below are some selections from my journal written during our week in Zipolite:
Monday day was spent with J in the hammock. Afterward we walked the period of Zipolite. We caught a sunset from the Eastern end where we drank Cornonas and watched silhouetted fishermen finish their day’s work perched on the giant boulders that protrude in the surf.
J attempted to see TV on the laptop but it did not work out. I am not certain I am miserable about that.
Tuesday, today. I awakened at 6:30 and went to the playa for a skinny dip. I am not confident the naturist matter is going to work out nicely here. Very few people seem to be doing it. I have seen maybe less than the usual dozen nudies, all men, and one topless girl. Right now I am happily roasting in the early morning Mexican sunlight.
Two year anniversary. Married to the most wonderful man anyone has ever met.
J took her top off yesterday! I did not necessarily expect that to occur while we were here. There were sons around the second time she went topfree and she said, I’ve to get over myself, as she lost her sarong.
Topfree / Topless Girl at Zipolite Mexican Naked Beach
Had yet another wonderful breakfast with J yesterday morning. Eggs with salsa and green juice. Naturally, the ATM was busted. 15 miles, a trip to San Pedro Pechutla and $200 Pesos after, we’d cash.
Our taxi driver kept bugging us to have him drive us to the airport at the end of our trip. Dwelling is a long ways away, we’ll see.
(After) I could get used to this. Had a nice, leisurely two mile run and then a skinny dip. I could readily run 21 miles a week and still have so much time for myself. Breakfast, drinking, dinner will all be superb. Read? Swim more? All I need is all around me.
Up before the sun today. . Had yet another amazing day with J yesterday. She continues to go topfree despite gawkers. I think it is second nature at this point, and I suppose she will wear the sarong with no bikini top and which will be that.
Spent the day on the playa. We made plans to check out Shambala, but rather we laid in the hammock. Then it was back to the sand for sunset. We got fairly drunk at a bar run by a Chicagoan named Kevin. So intoxicated that we did not have as much cash as we’d have liked for dinner and spent every last cent on a bottle of wine and two plates. We walked back on the playa, me nude and then J fell into bed while I pretended to stay up but fell into the hammock. I anticipated to be hungover today but I appear to be fine.
Roosters awakened me again this morning. I am loving waking up with the sun but I wonder if it’d change if I lived here.
Yesterday, J awakened with a hangover and we took a boat tour. We saw the Indio and the Mono (Indian and Monkey) rock formations. I recall seeing them the last time we were here, for our wedding. Next we saw some porpoises. Afterward we quit for snorkeling. Next up one other passenger and myself scaled a rock formation and jumped off.
Afterward J and another passenger decide to bound too. Subsequently the guide did another flip. We stopped for lunch and cervezas. We got a ride back to Zipolite in a very stereotypical camion.
Dinner at La Provencia. We had a bottle of Spanish wine.
Had a breakfast of chilaquiles at a place called A Nice Spot on the Playa. We discussed our future: Children, opening a bar, moving out of the city. We ran into The Norwegians, a couple from your tour on Thursday. We spoke with them for a short time.
Then it was onto the ATM in Porto Angel, that was actually working yesterday. We grabbed a bite of tlayudas de nopales on the road. Then we returned to our bungalow with our pals for Havana Club daiqueries. Lots more amazing dialogue. It ends up that Thomas is a chef and knows Eleven Madison Park, among other NYC restaurants, so he understood how well known J is.
Going for a Skinny Dip at Zipolite Nudist Nude Beach in Mexico
The last full day in Zipolite was amazing. I did the normal, wake up, run, skinny dip. J went for an hour or so and a half massage while I lay naked on the beach. The massage left her very content. Dinner was simple pizzas and micheladas on the main street.
Monday morning in Zipolite, we woke up and lay in the hammock for a bit before leaving. It was a wonderful trip.
First full week in the northeast.
This is civilized?
If you see Zipolite, it is important to remember that it is not Cancun. There aren’t any ATM’s in the town. The closest one is several miles away and it wasn’t working on one of the days we went to get cash. While the individuals are entirely favorable toward North Americans, it helps if you can talk a good amount of Spanish. It’s also crucial that you notice that Zipolite just isn’t a private or approved nude beach. Nudity is taken by the locals, but not protected and very few people strip down and hardly any women go topfree. All of it comes down to how are being naked among folks in textiles.
It seems to me that naked is something to be laughed at in Mexico. The people are unquestionably more prude than North Americans when it comes to keeping themselves in fabrics, but they’re not almost as judgmental of nudies. They might point and laugh but, if you are confident enough to see the silliness in wearing clothes in the hot sunshine, you can laugh together, and everything will be fine. They did not demand I cover up the way some New Yorkers may demand topfree girls cover up in Central Park.

European Naturism from a Nordic Outlook

Naturism In Norway and European Nudity
Nudism In Norway – Last summer, my family was at a sand vacationing together with another family that we have known for years. Shortly after we arrived at the sand, the father of the other family stripped his youngest child who was maybe three years of age at the time naked and sent the youngster to play at the edge of the water.
Now, a little context this strand was not in the USA, but in Norway. It is usual in Norway, and throughout Scandinavia for that matter, for young children to play nude at seashores up until the age of about seven or eight.
The daddy asked me if I knew it was OK struck me as strange at the time, but in retrospect makes perfect sense.
Naturism In Norway – Renowned naked statue by artist Gustav Vigeland located in a sculpture park in Oslo, Norway
The American perspective of nudity as sexual at best, and criminal at worst, is the single greatest issue the nudist community faces. We frequently wish that everyone in America had precisely the same disposition as residents of more liberal nations. But why are those states like this in the first place? It’s often joked that many Americans can’t even find North America on a map let alone states elsewhere. So we don’t anticipate many folks to know what makes other states tick socially.
For me, I am only able to speak for naturism in Norway, which will be my country of origin. But many of the nations of Europe and elsewhere share certain social characteristics are very different from America and that make the public’s perspective of nudity much more forgiving. They comprise:
Required Sex Education
Sex education is compulsory in Norway. There isn’t any abstinence only choice. (Like most nations, Norway isn’t subdivided into states that have powers different from the national government.) So there’s no protecting children from the realities of sex and the human body. Sex teachers have long claimed that talking to kids early and often about sex goes a considerable ways toward removing the taboo surrounding the subject, and makes them less likely to participate in it recklessly since they know the possible impacts.
National Broadcaster
Like many nations, Norway has a government-owned broadcast business along with privately-owned media outlets. The mission of the national broadcaster is to present the news not to earn money. It is funded by a small licensing that families pay. Compare this to the United States, where media isn’t only 100% privately-owned, but a considerable portion is possessed by a small group of large businesses.
To keep the readers and the viewers coming, privately-owned media needs sensational reports as well as the everyday news. And because sex and nudity are the most-taboo of the forbidden fruits, they make for the best news stories especially when sensationalized. Nudity is seldom depicted positively in American media, and is often presented in the context of what can only just be called Nude Crime stories about individuals committing crimes while they chance to be nude (not because they are bare, though that significant difference is intentionally hidden in many cases).
Since national broadcasters are not profit-driven, the sleaze degree is close to zero. (For an English-language example of a national broadcaster, research the British Broadcasting Company [BBC]).
Lesser Role for Religion
The countries of Scandinavia are known for his or her near-complete dearth of spiritual fervor. Around 20% of Scandinavians consider themselves believers, compared to a much higher percentage in United States.
Religion could very well be the prime driver of anti-nudity thought, both in the United States and other conservative states (though we in the naturist community recognize, praise and encourage the contribution of religious naturist groups who are striving to illustrate that beliefs and nudism are not mutually exclusive). Possibly the most extreme example of body-shame is the burqa, a total-body cloak which is required to be worn by many Muslim women.
The narrative of Adam and Eve is one of the Bible’s best known narratives – and potentially one of the most misunderstood. Much to the detriment of nudism, Eve’s activities in the Garden of Eden fall under . Instead, they had bitten into the apple from the Tree of Knowledge which God had expressly prohibited. He was tipped off simply by the fact the next time He saw them, they had covered up their littles. Nudity didn’t lead to the crime. But the crime was perpetrated while naked.
These are just a few of many differences which make the battle for bare approval that much more difficult within the United States. But what we do need to understand is the totality of the forces which are working against naturists.
Just as much as women are under-represented in the naturist community, thus are young adults of both sexes. Our assignment must not only be to practice nudism in defiance of these negative perceptions, but to instruct and provide chances for the bare-inquisitive. This battle is going to be uphill all the way, and none of the barriers in our path are going away any time soon.
European Naturists and Naturism In Norway and other Blogs and Posts About Social Nudity by Young Naturists andYoung Naturists America
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Erik Jakobsen works in Nyc, lives in New Jersey and has been an enthusiastic naturist for 25 years. He could be a regular contributor to FKK’s blogs.

Naturist Celebrities and Naked Friendly Celebs

Naturist Celebrities – There is no denying it, celebs influence every facet of our culture. Now, stars are brands within themselves: marketing everything from scents (truly Khloe and Lamar, a unisex aroma?)
A December 2010 study by Klout, a San Francisco-based social media analytics business, rated Justin Beiber second, behind Barack Obama, in terms of social influence. That’s correct; Beiber is nearly as socially influential as Barack. As frightening as that’s, stars affect fashion trends, societal tendencies and even political trends, their power knows no bounds.
But how about nudist trends? While numerous celebrities acknowledge they enjoy practicing a fkk lifestyle (to varying degrees), there is no celeb eager to appear on nudism’s benefit no face to represent no clothing. Would a celeb speaking openly on behalf of the fkk community be able to alter society’s misconceptions of nudism? It may be a beginning.
Is Heidi Klum a Real Fkk Celebrity ?
Currently, she still keeps a clothes-optional house with her husband Seal.
Heidi Klum – Nudist?
Is Bruce Willis a Nudist Star?
According to the summer 2006 issue of TN, “Bruce Willis loves naked sunbathing and is nudist family porn to say so. ?
The Naturist Celebrity, Jennifer Aniston?
Star lifestyles are certainly unique, and at times their livelihood in corporate nudism. Some celebs are initially driven into being naked for roles and wind up relating positively to the experience. Aniston said, I just got crazy, ripped off my skirt and yelled “Woo! Woo!” There’s something liberating about walking around completely nude. While Jen may be a bit late to what we’ve been saying for years, we couldn’t agree more.
Fkk Jennifer Aniston
The spectrum of celebrity influence is bigger than ever. It is the best time for nudist stars spokespeople to step up and represent nudism. A figure who’s both proud to be a naturist and who is competent to advise the people of the realities and the advantages of nudism could be the start of the acceptance of nudism in society.
So why has not it happened yet? Perhaps celebs are apprehensive due to its contentious nature? Or, they simply do not feel the need to describe their lifestyle to anyone. It’s an interesting debate that remains to be seen.
This post about Naturist Stars and Naturist Celebs Was Published By – Young Naturists and Nudists America FKK
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Naturist Portal On Gay Rights

The Problem Of Gay Marriage / Gay Rights
Yesterday evening, prompted by a Fox News section, we posted the following post about gay rights on our official Naturist Portal Site Facebook Page Wall:
“Attn: Fox News !!!
We at FKK need to abolish the term union from the legislators’ vocabulary! !
Union is a religious term only!
Grow up and move on!
This post prompted two comments that I would like to address in more detail.
Gay Rights
Gay Rights Post Comment / Question #1:
“Although I fully understand where this is coming from, the bit about “civil unions only” gives me the notion that this page is anti-equality. Can you elaborate?”
Great question! For years, I personally have been advocating for this awesome approach to gay rights and union. Based on my world view, which is also part of the FKK doctrine, there needs to be a clear cut distinction between church and state. The occupation of the government is always to take care of its citizens – all of them! “We are all created equal” are , they are a value system which must be preserved.
Nowadays, when individuals wish to be recognized as an “official” couple, they get “married.” People can go down to City Hall and apply for a marriage license. What I am suggesting is straightforward – states should issue just civil marriage certificates.
If people need a piece of paper that uses the term “Marriage,” they should only have the capacity to get it from a spiritual institution.
Words mean a lot and their meanings can stir up much emotion.
Religious associations are like private organizations. But a government should be a place where all law-abiding citizens are treated equally regardless of race, religion, sexuality and so forth.
By eliminating the term marriage we eliminate religion from the process. Spiritual associations will no longer be able to to assert that gay rights are, somehow, infringing on their religious beliefs or morals. It alters the piece of paper from really being a spiritual one to an entirely secular one.
Gay Rights Post Comment / Questions #2:
“You do not have to have a civil union and gay to be naturist so why talk about it on here? Perhaps safer to say about nude marriages and nude liberty and top liberty.”
Fkk Portal is not just about nudism or “nude recreation.” There are other organizations that are entirely focused on the nudity. FKK is focused on the individual as well as the core societal issues that we consider need to be addressed. Gay rights are one problem that we’ve a problem with. Governments shouldn’t be looking at what an individual’s sexual preferences are. All government should look at is a man’s history as a citizen.
For us, the social nudity is more of a means to an end. A means to break down societal barriers and promote recognition.

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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and cofounder of Fkk Portal.

For Readers To Share Stories about Their Worst Experiences at a Naturist Club or Bare Beach

Naturist Stories About Not So Fine Encounters At Clubs and Bare Beaches
We want to hear stories about your WORST experience at or naked beach!
Embarrassing moments?
Big faux pas where you were asked never to return to a naturist resort?
Terrible encounters with customer service?
Nightmarish room rentals or accommodations?
Creepers or jerks who destroyed your naked beach time?
A true nudist terror storyline: 2 guys were arrested while skinny dipping in the UK & may locate themselves on the sex offender list.
Perhaps you got detained or fined on what you thought was a legal naked beach. Maybe you messed with an indoor fountain and by chance flooded a hot tub room.

(These examples may or may not be from our own experiences or those of people we know.)
But we all understand amusing and dreadful things occur, many times simply because nudity is involved. Unfortunately nudist clubs usually are not known for their great hospitality either, despite being in the hospitality industry. But whatever your expertise please leave out the name of the club.
Naked beaches can be identified however.
Naturist Stories Wanted So Please Share Below!
This post where nudists share their worst nudist club and naked beach horror stories was published by Young Naturists & Nudists America FKK
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